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Las Olas Resort & Spa Baja‘s most Luxurious Resort Ever Build.



Nowadays, consumers that are interested in acquiring a second home or vacation residence have stopped making these type of investments due to the high prices and low profitability of the cost of such investment and the benefits obtained, nevertheless, the consumers’ interest in vacationing in nearby places where they can get the benefits of a second home are still alive, even more so if the investment proves to be all they expect and covers the needs they seek, such as:

  1. That it is not a large or risky investment.
  2. That it is a quality condominium with as many services as possible.
  3. That it is at a reasonable distance, not more than a 5 hour drive.
  4. That each family member can find activities they enjoy.
  5. That it has an enjoyable climate most of the year.
  6. That it is a lifetime investment and goes up in value with time.
  7. That there is no fixed monthly maintenance, services, employees, taxes, security, remodeling, etc.
  8. That it can be used by the consumer as many times as he/she wants and has the opportunity to do so year round.
  9. That he/she is not limited only to one week a year, that his/her investment can be used by days, weeks or months.
  10. That there are no blackout days during the year.
  11. That it be a property under the name of each immediate family member and each one can enjoy it.
  12. That it can be leased, sold, inherited or loaned.

Due to all these needs, Las Olas Vacation Club took over 20 of it luxury condominium for the vacation program that will cover every need and that is accessible to consumers in an amount equal to the fifth part of the purchase price of the property, so that you and your family can enjoy it.

How does the program work?
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