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See what this magical place has to offer.
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Las Olas Resort and Spa, Baja‘ s most luxurious resort ever built.
5 Star Resort


To bring your mind and body into a perfect balance, choose from our extensive menu of services. You’ll be sure to find just the right treatment to feel pampered and renewed.
For your customized experiences, we offer both indoor and outdoor treatments.

Pregnancy massage [30 min.]
The nine month journey of nurturing is a special time for both mother and child. This treatment is designed to promote total relaxation of fatigued muscles, particularly in the lower back and legs, improving blood oxygenation and circulation, while giving special and respectful care to you and your baby.
Neck, Back & Shoulders Massage [30 min.]
The main areas of the body which accumulate tension are the neck, back and shoulders. This massage focuses on those areas and diminishes stress and tension while improving blood circulation by using relaxing strokes and shooting movements.
Sports Massage [50 min.]
A massage for the sports enthusiast. This therapeutic massage uses deep pressure on trigger points to relive soreness, and various stretching techniques to relive muscle fatigue and induce flexibility. This is an ideal treatment after a day of vigorous activity.
Shiat -Su Massage [60 min.]
Ancient Japanese techniques where firm pressure on the body, combined with soft body manipulations, acts upon the areas where energy circulates through the body. This massage vitalizes the organs, eliminates energy obstructions and strengthens the body’s natural defenses. (Please wear loose clothing)
Swedish Massage [30 min. or 50 min.]
A classic massage. Revitalizes tired muscles and improves circulation creating a profound feeling of relaxation.
Scalp Massage
An exotic blend of oils native to Baja such as Palm, Higuerilla and Jojoba, infused with Rosemary to stimulate the hair growth, and Lemon to deep cleanse. When massaged on your scalp, it will melt away impurities and leave you with an uplifted mind.
Couples Massage
Enjoy the experience of massage with your partner with soft music. The scene is set for you both to relax and enjoy this wonderful experience together.
Ancient Chinese remedy to clear the body’s ten energy channels by massaging specific reflex points on the feet and hands. Promotes better health and relaxation.

We recommend you reserve your spa treatments at your earliest convenience by calling 1-877-482-6527.

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