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See what this magical place has to offer.
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Las Olas Resort and Spa, Baja‘ s most luxurious resort ever built.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Rosarito is only 30 minutes from San Diego and a pleasant drive on the highways. There is a modern toll road that accepts both US and Mexican currencies.

You can take $400dlls per person duty-free including one liter of alcohol. Mexican arts and crafts are duty-free and don‘t count toward your$400dlls limit. If traveling by common carrier ( bus, plain or train) more than one liter of alcohol is allowed, however only the first is duty-free.

From San Diego California take Highway 5 or Interstate 805 south. This will take you to the San Ysidro Border Crossing at Tijuana. Proceed through the Border and follow the directions on the Directions Page.

Whether crossing the border by foot, bus, or your own car, you may bring your personal items without a problem. Firearms are illegal in Mexico and you will be subject to criminal prosecution. Food and medicines are regulated. Crossing back into the US, there is a $400US limit on goods and medications are restricted as well. Please check with your local Consulate for more information.

The Hotel accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards only as well as cash. We cannot accept personal checks but will honor cashiers or bank checks and internationally recognized money orders.

Pets are not allowed at the Resort. Please notify us for any special needs we can help you to bring your pet and ejoy vacations with him.

The US Dollar is easily accepted in almost all shops and services

US citizens do need a crossing card or passport to cross back into the US. Non US citizens need their passports or residency cards. Please check with the US and Mexican Consulates in your area with any questions.

The official currency in Mexico is the Peso, but U.S. Dollars are readily accepted.

There are several banks in the down town area that have ATM machines: Banamex, Banorte, Santander and Bancomer. They accept debit cards, Visa and MasterCard. Certain banks dispense cash in either Pesos or US dollars.

The legal drinking age is 18, most bars and night clubs request an ID before admittance when they doubt a customer‘s age. Drinking in the streets is against city ordinance and fines are imposed on offenders. Drinking and driving is a jailable offense that also carries a heavy fine.

There are five good hospitals and numerous highly trained doctors in Rosarito.Ambulance and helicopter transportation to the United States is available in emergencies.

As opposed to mainland Mexico, Baja‘s water is from wells ad has been considered safe for years. In addition, there is a Mexican federal law stating that restaurants must serve purified drinkable water. Tested free of contaminants both for drinking and ice.

If you are driving, Mexican insurance is highly recommended since your U.S. auto insurance is not valid anywhere in México.

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