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See what this magical place has to offer.
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Las Olas Resort and Spa, Baja‘ s most luxurious resort ever built.
5 Star Resort


There is just something about spending a relaxing day on the crystal waters of Baja. With little to worry about but what you have on the hook and the topic of conversation, time on the boat or relaxing and reconnecting with friends, family, and nature.

Experiences are what make the tapestry of life rich in detail, with things we've done and experienced that connects the threads of our existence on a level that binds us together with the world around us. In Baja, legends are born, stories told, and experiences that will be talked about for generations are lived. It doesn't matter if you are saltwater fishing, freshwater, the experiences we have watching and helping reel in a Yellow tail or Rock cod, with our father, brother, son, or friend are the moments that are worth more than the gold Baja is famous for.

At only 20 minutes south from our Resort Marina Puerto Salina is the first marina located south from US border, located at 50 min from South San Diego.

Location: Lat. N 32° 3.28‘ Long. W 116° 53.20‘ By land: Km 73 of the scenic road (Tijuana-Ensenada), before Baja Mar Golf Resort.

Concrete Ramp where you can launch boats of up to 32'. It does not require a 4x4 vehicle. Lighting, Water, Parking and Restrooms available. $25.00 USD fee.

These are only some of the activities that can be made at Marina Puerto Salina:

  • Fishing.
  • Kayak.
  • Sailing.
  • Water Ski.
  • Jet Ski.
Puerto Salina La Marina
US toll free:1 866 365 2562
US Direct: 01152 646 155 41 86 to 88
Destination Las Olas

Fishing calendar

January February March April May June Juliy August September October November December
Bonito Bonito Bonito Barracuda Red Schnapper Albacore Albacore Albacore Albacore Albacore Bonito Bonito
Halibut Halibut Halibut Bonito Barracuda Barracuda Barracuda Barracuda Barracuda Barracuda Halibut Halibut
Mackerel Mackerel Mackerel Halibut Bonito Bonito Bluefin Tuna Bluefin Tuna Bonito Bonito Mackerel Mackerel
Picuda     Mackerel Halibut Mahi Mahi Bonito Bonito Corvina Halibut Picuda Picuda
      Mackerel Halibut Mackerel Corvina Corvina Mahi Mahi Mackerel Mackerel  
      Picuda Picuda Picuda Mahi Mahi Mahi Mahi Halibut Picuda    
      White Sea Bass White Sea Bass White Sea Bass Halibut Halibut Mackerel White Sea Bass    
            Mackerel Mackerel Picuda      
            Picuda Picuda Skipjack      
            Skipjack Skipjack Red Schnapper      
            Red Schnapper Red Schnapper Tuna      
            Tuna Tuna White Sea Bass      
            White Sea Bass White Sea Bass Yellowfin Tuna      
            Yellowfin Tuna Yellowfin Tuna Yellowtail