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See what this magical place has to offer.
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Las Olas Resort and Spa, Baja‘ s most luxurious resort ever built.
5 Star Resort


Puerto Nuevo, the self-described "Lobster Capital of Baja," where you can choose from dozens of restaurants serving up langostas. Mexico Lobster in Puerto Nuevo Baja California is a long-standing tradition for those visiting from the states. Puerto Nuevo Baja is a real favorite for San Diegan's who can get there within 50 minutes from downtown. In Puerto Nuevo Mexico you can enjoy incredible ocean views in most of the restaurants, however make sure you don’t judge the restaurants by appearance alone, you might miss out. Puerto Nuevo is locally known as the "Lobster Village". Puerto Nuevo is a great little village with plenty of little shops and arts and crafts stores.

Rosarito Boast more than 100 quality restaurants serving international cuisine as well as great Italian cuisines, French plates or Mediterranean meals, to Mexican, American, Chinese or Japanese. There are many types of restaurants in Rosarito, some are brand new establishments, and some are constructed on old haciendas located on different points.

Puerto Nuevo #1 Puerto Nuevo #2 El Nido El Tapanco That‘s Amore
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Sea food Sea food Steak House Steak House Italian
150 guests 85 Guests 80 Guests 100 guests 80 guests
Pto. Nuevo Pto. Nuevo Down town Popotla-Ensenda tourist Corridor Down town

Las Olas Concierge services can help you to find the best reservations and help you out to meet your needs at any moment or celebrationarito is a place full of activities and attractions for the whole family.

Langosta at Las Olas